Our story

Everybody Loves Chickz N Wingz
Everybody Loves ChickzNWingz“

Our Story

Owners Makeba Griffin and Cynthia Mighty are first cousins (fathers are brothers) but grew up as close as sisters.
Both Cynthia and Makeba aren’t new to the entrepreneurial world, and both are in the beauty industry.

In March 2020, when the pandemic hit, we were both in distress because the government had ordered that we couldn’t service any of our clients. Although Cynthia had a full-time job, she depended upon her side hustles in the beauty industry: body countering, eyelashes extensions, micro shading, micro-blading, and teeth whitening.  Makeba Griffin, as a full cosmetologist and salon owner, had no income when government ordered lock down.

So the dynamic duo Cynthia and Makeba started brainstorming on the pandemic proof? What businesses are still able to operate and make money. And we realized that the healthcare and food industry wasn’t suffering at all. On the contrary, it increased pay in these two industries.

So one day, we just went out and took a ride, and we were brainstorming all of these ideas, and food truck came to mind, and then Cynthia said we can be a “mobile wing bar!” So out of excitement, we started creating our business plan. We also wanted a business to employ young ladies to teach leadership skills.

The food industry is fundamental on so many levels. Customer service is one. Customer service skills will take you to higher levels in your personal life and your career.

Makeba’s first job that she loved was McDonald’s. Cynthia’s first job that she loved was Denny’s. Makeba and Cynthia love to serve and give a lasting impression to whoever they come into contact with them.  As we birthed Chickz N Wingz, we knew that everyone else would fall in love with not only our creative sauces and menu. But the concept of being beautiful while serving food!!! Looking good, making people feel good, but most importantly serving delicious savory food!!!!


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